We cannot follow Jesus by ourselves.  We need God and we need each other.  Because of this we encourage new believers to get baptized as a significant physical & spiritual act of commitment and participation in the life of Jesus and his body (the Church universal).    

Baptism is a physical act that reminds us of something very real and tangible in our new life with Jesus.  In the Bible we are reminded that God rescued his people through the waters of the Red Sea.  Jesus as the servant who washes his disciple’s feet is the one who makes us clean.  And when Jesus was baptized he was plunged into the water and then raised back up foreshadowing his sacrificial death and resurrection.  So baptism is a physical act that reminds us that in Jesus we are set free, we are made clean, we are being made new and we joined together with him and all who follow him.   

Infant Baptism

We begin with an awareness that God in Jesus is pursuing us in love and grace long before we could respond and turn toward Jesus.  There is no greater reminder of God's first love for us and Jesus pursuing grace than the baptism of an infant.  Baptism has never been and will never be a saving act, but it is a clear reminder and experience of the work of God in Jesus to save us and transform us.

Baptism is also a reminder that we belong also to God's one family and so baptism of an infant includes the congregations commitment to help parents raise their children to know God's love and to follow Jesus. Infant baptism is not a replacement for our an adult confession of faith, but it is a good first step toward making that proclamation.    

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