A healthy community group is marked by group members who are:  1.  deepening in their relationship with Jesus, 2.  growing in their love and care for one another and 3.  serving together.  We would love to hear your story of growth.  So what has been your community group experience?  

NOTE:  1.  Please share YOUR story only.  Another persons experience and story is theirs to share.  2.  Your story will be read by our Community Group Leadership Team in confidence.  If we would like to share your story, in any way, we will contact you to ask for permission.  Thank you for sharing with us.  

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What has been your community group experience? Share your funny, serious, meaningful and/or interesting community group stories that illustrate ways you and your group are deepening in your relationship with Jesus, growing in your love and care for one another and serving together.
What are some of the ways that your group has been serving or reaching out to our community? Sharing your experience will help all of us think creatively about how we can serve and reach out together.
What Community Group are you in?