Share in The Coffee Connection

Sundays 8:45 am to 12:15 pm


Meet me at the Coffee Connection for conversation and refreshments! Let's take time to talk about our life-journey, to talk with each other about one another, to practice the art of connecting over a good cup of coffee. In Protestantism we often say, " Our theology is validated by the quality of our encounters." In the art of meeting together, let us make it so.

Our goal at the Coffee Connection is to connect over a cup of coffee and embody the welcome of Christ's kingdom. The objective is to offer one another an authentic relationship in the context ordinary intimacy--kitchen talk. One woman asks,

Is it any wonder the most intimate conversations take place in the kitchen, anguish poured out to an aproned back or sputtered over a chopping board?
— Toni Morrison

Toni's question is the stuff of coffee conversations. At best they are brief but blessed, authentic and other-centered. Each week we have an opportunity to follow Jesus by sharing his care and compassion with others.