Serve Locally.

Jesus came to serve... (Matthew 20:28).  Serving helps us to grow as followers of Jesus and serving gets us tangled up in the work of Jesus right here right now.  We hope you can find a place where you will be challenged, where your gifts and passions intersect with a need, and where you will encounter our living God.  

Do Less.  Go Deeper. 

As you consider ways that you can serve consider focusing on a few things so that you can engage those things with a little bit more time and energy.  Too often, as Christians, we over-work ourselves by committing to too many things.  This only results in burn-out, lack of  joy, shallow engagement, and less opportunities for others to get involved.  So as you pray about where you will serve consider saying "NO" so that you can joyfully say "YES." 

Service Opportunities Locally


Chenowith Elementary School Partnership

Become a part of what God is already doing at this local Elementary school.  Our focus is upon Active Involvement with Students in the classroom and through SMART reading; Teacher & Staff Appreciation and Student Emergency Needs.  


Hope Warming Place

On the coldest nights in The Dalles many people have no where to go.  Together with St. Vincent de Paul, other churches and volunteers we can make sure there is a warm place on those dangerously cold and lonely nights.  Doors will open November 16, 2014. Volunteer training will be available soon.

Contact: Nonie Cornell 541-397-0591, Kim Nosenzo 541-980-3352 or Ed Elliott 541-386-5857.



Help prepare and serve a meal for those in need here in The Dalles.  Contact:


Nursing Home Worship Services

Gateway is a part of a group of churches who hold worship services at local nursing homes.  Join us is you are interested in sharing a devotional thought, playing an instrument, leading in music, praying or just being present with those in the homes.  Contact:  Fred at 541.296.1410  



Each year at Christmas Gateway gives out boxes of food and other gifts for individuals or families in need of a reminder that God is abundantly generous.  You can help by donating bags of food or by joining us to help pack the boxes before Christmas.  Contact:  



Donate non-perishable food items to our food cupboard for those in need in our church and community.  Contact: