We take great joy in following Jesus together in community and being a part of his work in our world. We actively and creatively seek ways to pay attention to God and to help others notice his compelling love and activity wherever we see it. Worship is space set aside to celebrate, pray, remember and tell stories (from the Bible and life) together in community so that we all might notice God among us daily.

Early Worship service

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At our Early Worship service liturgical elements are rotated into the liturgy from week-to-week. Each service is unique and familiar. In keeping with the Reformed tradition, the preaching of the Word is central to our worship. Piano and organ accompany majestic worship anthems and hearty gospel songs, preparing our hearts to hear the Word of God. Following the exposition of God's Word, we respond by praying, giving, and praising. If you appreciate the beauty of liturgy, then you will probably want to worship with us early Sunday morning at nine o'clock.

2nd service of worship

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Our 2nd Service of Worship is unCommon. The praise band begins boldly before ushering us into the Lord's presence with a contemplative song. This prepares our hearts to hear the exposition of God's Word. After the message we respond worshipfully to what we have heard. Prayers and stories of God's work in our lives, songs and praise to God are woven together--all in response to the goodness of our great God. We treasure the richness of the Reformed heritage, and we value the creative expression of a living faith. You will probably appreciate the 2nd Service of Worship if you prefer less structure and more variety.


Child care is provided for 3 months through Kindergarten. Sunday School (1st through 5th graders) join their families in the worship center at 10:30 a.m. before they are dismissed to Sunday School at about 10:45 a.m. Please register your son or daughter with our staff in the children's department. You may do this either before 2nd service begins. Or, you may accompany them when they are dismissed, then return to the worship center for the message and response of worship.